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Name: Halloween "Weenie"

Age: 3

Gender: colt

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 17.2 hh

Sire: Death By Night (by Death Wish out of

Nightmare by Mr.P)

Dam: Happy Holidays (by Happy Go Lucky out of Christmastime)

Temperment: This strapping colt is the biggest in Whitehorse's barns, and he lets everyone know! "Weenie", however much he may love me and his groom, is not a nice horse. :) He bites anything that moves! 9 times out of ten, he has to be blindfolded just to get him into the gate. He rarely listens to his jockey, either-And is very tempermental and spooky. Like a horse with full-time PMS. ::lol:: Still, you have to love Weenie. He has so much fun being himself!

Habits: Halloween tries his very best to make everything as hard as possible for his owners and caretakers. Leave a blanket hanging by his stall? Guess what, he'll have it for dinner. Accidently loose a stirrup? Your off his back before you can blink! Giving him a carrot? Guess what, he'll "accidently" eat your hand, too! But when you tell him he's a bad boy, he turns on the innocent act and head-butts you, getting all cute. Who can resist? Not me!

Running Style: Weenie isn't a front runner. Nor does he come from off the pace. No, this giant 17.2 colt often runs in last place for the first 3 forths of the race-he runs his best with something to chase! His closing style has gotton him into some trouble, but its breathtaking to watch him roar past a field like they are standing still. His biggest win was the grade 2 Dixie stakes--he closed late and still won by several lengths, going away.

Favorite surface: Turf, of course! But Halloween has ran at all distances, and on dirt, too. He won his maiden and an allowence on dirt, then went to dirt stakes. After a disasterous attempt on the Triple Crown road, we switched him to turf and he did well from here on out!

Favorite Track Conditions: Muddy! The messier, the better. Weenie just loves romping through the muck, and his big structure and bones make him strong enough to plow through the soggiest track. Most of his losses were when the track was fast and the field opened up a large lead on him.

Race Record: 2000 race record: 8: 2/3/3

Points earned: 64 (after the restart)

Purses earned: $ 80,000 +

Trainer: Charlotte


Jockey: Charlotte