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Age: 4

Gender: colt

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16.2hh

Sire: Mr. Prospector (by Raise a Native out of Gold Digger)

Dam: Lady's Secret (by Secretariet out of Great Lady M.)

Temperament: "Zingy", as called around the barn, is a very playful, feisty colt. He loves to play small tricks around the barn like when you back is turned, removing his blankets, saddle pads or leg wraps. His playful personality makes him one of the best loved horses at Gust O'Wind and while he may be the practical joker in the racing barn, you will never see his ears pinned or teeth flashing and when he is on the track, he is completely focused and ready to run.

Habits: Zingy loves to fool around with people and other horses. He doesn't have any vices, although if left to his own he probably would. Zingy is a horse that needs constant attention or something to keep his attention or else his playful personality will get him into trouble.

Running Style: Zingy is an incredible horse willing to turn in any kind of performance you want him to as the race plays out. In the GI Manhatten Handicapp, he ran with the field and then took off at the final turn to win it by 5 lengths. In the Trick or Treat Stakes, Zingy ran wire to wire and took that GI with 9 length margin. In other races, Zingy has come from far behind to rally for a top finish. Zingy will also cover any distance put before him in the quickest manner possible. He has contested in races from a mere mile up to and including a 2 mile race. He is a well rounded colt capable of almost anything thrown his way.

Favorite surface: Zingy loves to run on the turf track of course but has also shown he can do well in the dirt races he has taken to the track for.

Favorite Track Conditions: Although originally it appeared that Zingy loved when the turf course was listed as firm, his recent and rather impressive 9 length victory in the GI Trick or Treat Stakes on a very sloppy track has made us believe that maybe he loves to romp around in the mud..

Race Record: 2000 record- 10-4-2-2-1
2nd of 3 in the Sea-Bird Starters Stakes (L) on March 11, 2000 International Raceday
3rd of 6 in Allowance Race 1 1/8 miles dirt 3 years and up open 4/18/00 Belmont Prep Raceday
1st of 9 in the He Is Jehovah Stakes (GIT) 11 fur turf 4 and up open 4/23/00 Resurrection Raceday
7th of 9 in the Coronation Cup (GIT) 11 fur turf 4 and up open 5/6/00 EF Guineas Raceday
4th of 6 in the All You Need Is Love (GIT) 1 ½ miles turf 4 and up open EF ITC Derby 6/3/00
1st of 14 in the Manhatten Handicapp (GIT) 1 1/4 miles turf 3 and up open EF Belmont Stakes 2000 raceday 6/10/00
3rd of 6 in the Sinnly Pleasure Stakes (GIT) 2 miles turf 4 and up open St Leger Raceday 7/4/00
2nd of 7 in the Perfect Perfection Stakes (GIIIT) 10 furlongs turf 3 and up open 7/15/00 Georgia Breeze Park Opener Raceday
1st of 16 in the Breeder's Cup Turf Prep 1 (GIT) 1 3/8 miles turf 3 and up open 8/4/00 Breeder's Cup Prep 1
1st of 6 in the Trick or Treat Stakes (GIT) 1 1/16 miles turf 3 and up open Halloween Racenight 10/22/00

Upcoming Races:
11/4/00- Breeder's Cup Turf (GIT)
11/15/00- National Turf Stakes (GIT)
12/25/00- Match Race against Sunni's (ARS) Worldy Mannor and Charlotte's Halloween

Points earned: 206
Purses earned:$ 193,750

Trainer: Deanna
Groom Deanna
Jockey Dean Butler

Master Zingeye's racing silks