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Racing Silks

Age: 5 yr old

Gender: Stallion

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16h

Sire: Spinning World

Dam: Justly Manner

Temperment: He is very well behaved in the barn and in the saddling paddock, occasionally he will get a little ancy in the post parade but once loading in the gate he focuses on the race ahead of him and puts in the best effort he can in any situation.

Habits:he most of the time he is a gentleman, except when he is in high spirits. Other than that he has no bad habits, although he can get tired of waiting for the other horses to be loaded if its taking a while.

Running Style: depends on how the race plays out, sometimes he can hang in the middle of the pack and make his move, or he can be a stalker and blow through to win.

Favorite surface: turf

Favorite Track Conditions: He likes almost all kinds of turf surfaces, although he doesn't particularly care for the extremely sloppy turf courses.

Race Record:

1st Viridian Stakes (Listed)
2nd: Mannhatten Handicap Gr. 1 T
3rd: Flying Leap Sprint Stakes. Gr. 3
4th: Coronation Cup Gr. 1T
5th: Light Through Darkness Stakes. Gr. 1T
5th: Sinnly Pleasures Stakes Gr. 1T
5th: Power Trip Stakes Gr. 2T
7th: Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
7th: Allowence
13th: BC Turf Prep

Points earned: 66
Purses earned:$ 36,171

Trainer: Sunni

Groom: Michael M

Jockey: Sunni